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165 Piece First Aid Kit Bag from Survival Supply UK


1. INTELLIGENT: This kit educates the user and reduces stress levels during emergencies. Every component is labeled, telling you what the item is, what it should be used for. 2. DURABLE STRONG AND DESIGNED TO LAST: Made from 600D Polyester this first aid kit come in the strongest bag in its price class. 3. COMPACT, LIGHT AND PORTABLE: The kit...

AA Roadside Essentials First Aid Kit


AA First Aid Kits set the standard in Roadside First Aid essentials, catering for driver or passenger sickness and minor injuries. Choose from the standard or superior kit, supplied in zip up pouches. STANDARD ROADSIDE FIRST AID KIT CONTAINS: 4 x alcohol-free wipes 20 x waterproof plasters 1 x non adherent dressing (5 cm x 5 cm) 1 x large...

Animus Sutures Medbond Skin Glue: Pet Supplies


British standard certified  For surgical incisions, lacerations and pad wounds Enables precise placement of adhesive Acts as a barrier to help keep foreign matter from entering the wound Liquid adhesive bandage

Black Rugged Medical Practitioner Bag


Lightweight protective nursing / medical equipment bag that doesn't add too much bulk - perfect for home visits or travelling Partitioned, shock-absorbing memory foam interior can be removed and adjusted to suit your needs Adjustable padded shoulder strap enables comfortable transportation of essential medical supplies (items NOT included in purchase) Multiple storage compartments for quick and easy access in emergencies...

British Standard Compliant Office First Aid Kit in Deluxe Box


Comprehensively stocked and compliant with the new British Standard regulations (BS 8599-1) Shatterproof ABS case with clear perspex contents dividers Rubber lid seal keeps out dust and moisture Integrated carrying handle and sturdy wall bracket This size is for up to 25 employees in low hazard workplaces The last kit you will ever need we offer generous discounts for loyal...

Large Haversack Bag First Aid Kit | Survival Supply


Perfect first aid kit for large outdoor events, school outings and sports First aid bag has eight internal compartments Compliant with British Standards contents for large kit (BS8599-1:2019) Includes 1 x Guidance Leaflet 6 x Medium Sterile Dressings 4 x Large Sterile Dressing 4 x Triangular Bandages 24 x Safety Pins 4 x Eye Pad Sterile Dressings 100 x Sterile...