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Battles Gentian Violet Spray - Anti-Peck Protection for Bullied Chickens



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Battles Gentian Violet Spray provies Anti-Peck Protection for Injured and Bullied Chickens. A solution from last century that is still effective today. One customer writes:

"This is one bottle that any chicken keeper (and yes, other pet owners) should keep in their cupboard.

We rehome ex-battery hens and when they arrive they are in a pitiful state: poor health, injuries, lack of feathers. After a couple of weeks of, well, living the high life (as all chickens should live) they start to sprout new feathers. Normally we've found that hens establishing a pecking order can look brutal but with four or five new hens it's settled quite quickly (note: this is not always the case). While this is going on there can be unnecessary pecking or plucking and if this can be stopped early there's less chance of injury or bullying.

We have sprayed for pulled feathers, cysts, scrapes and other things to protect the affected area and to discourage little beaks pecking what they shouldn't. The liquid is anticeptic and the colour lasts long enough for feathers to open out and not be of interest to anyone else (chickens aren't interested in violet / blue things, unless it's garden blueberries).

The spray works so well that any bare human skin will also be stained (I learnt this the hard way... more than once) so wear gloves and long sleeves when using it, work out what way the nozzzle is pointing before use and try and stay out of the wind. You could also spray it onto a cotton wool ball or makeup cleaning pads and dab it on, but the spraying is quicker.

Found the old bottle was over five years old and we'd only used about a quarter of it. So just bought a new one to replace it. Very, very useful stuff."